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Everything you can expect when you commission your own unique piece of art with me.

The thought of commissioning a piece of artwork can seem quite overwhelming. You may think its going to be too expensive, or not know how to get your ideas down onto canvas. This is a guide on what you can expect when you commission a piece with me.


upon any enquiry, you can ask me for a price list which I will gladly send over to you. These prices are based on readily available canvas sizes. if you would like to commission a certain size that isn't on the price list I can send a quote for that specific size.

each canvas price varies on size, depth and if postage is required.


I provide an initial consultation completely free of charge, this is where we discuss ideas, the room it will go in ect.

Each person is different as is each piece. Some clients may know exactly what they want whilst others may need a creative helping hand which I am happy to provide.

I can help with colour palette ideas, sizing and painting style.

I find it really useful when clients send pictures over of the room and surrounding decor to help me envision a piece in your space and give my initial thoughts.

After this we get a little more in depth …..

I ask all clients to send me a palette through of their desired colour scheme and the room in which the art will be placed.

we go into the finer details of what you are looking for in a painting ( do you want lots of texture? do you like to see the brush strokes?, finishing touches such a gold leaf.) I then mock up a mood board  for you to agree on using your photos, colours and any information you have given me in the consultation. This then becomes my focal point for inspiration for the entire commission process.


Once we have agreed on size, ideas, colours and mood board I require a 50 percent payment of the agreed amount to be paid to start any works. I have a variety of ways you can pay this which we can discuss.


I will let you know once I start working on your piece. my usual lead time is 7-9 weeks but this can vary at busy times of the year i.e. Christmas, I have also finished paintings sooner than expected depending on the flow of my other work and where the painting takes me as I'm doing it...Art is all about emotion so I work on each piece as and when my creative juices are in full swing!

if you need a piece for a specific timeframe I would suggest booking in with me 8 weeks in advance to avoid any disappointment.

I absolutely love involving clients in the process and can send videos and photographs throughout the painting process to enable you to watch your piece come to life, my clients especially seem to enjoy my time lapse videos.

Once I consider the painting to be finished I will send you some final pictures in natural light for approval. We can tweak things here and there if needed until you are 100 percent happy.


Once you are completely happy I will request that the remaining balance is paid before booking a courier service to deliver your piece to its new home.

The postal service I use is fully tracked and insured to make sure your piece gets to you safely and in perfect condition. you will be able to track the parcel yourself and rearrange delivery if the time or day isn't convenient.

Postage within the uk will have been included in your quotation but postage outside of the uk will be an additional charge.


Together we have created the perfect piece of artwork for your space.

You get to sit down with a nice cup of tea (or wine) and admire it and I get to replace another item of clothing I got paint on.

Lead times

My lead time for commission work is usually

6-8 weeks, this may vary at particularly busy times of the year like Christmas but I will give you a more specific time frame in your personalised quotation.

If can finish your piece sooner I will endeavour to do so.

if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on site.

I look forward to painting for you!

Katya x

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