Hello, my names Katya and I'm a 33 year old abstract artist from Devon.

I also run the Instagram page @redbricks_lifestyle 

which is my creative outlet for all things interior, art and life.

I adore painting bright and bold pieces with metallic accents. I get most of my inspiration from nature, the ocean and colour palette ideas from my favourite interior accounts on Instagram.

I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the country, close to the sea and full of inspiration at every turn.

I started painting regularly 5 years ago as a way to calm myself whilst coping with ptsd and anxiety ​and haven’t  looked back since.

Creating brought me so much peace and helped me work through what I hope and can only imagine will have been the toughest time in my life.

Because of this I knew I had to make it my full time job so in October last year I took the plunge and went into art full time and what a whirl wind its been!

Since then my lifestyle page which regularly features my artwork has more than doubled in size, I have built my very own studio, sold over 500 pieces of work, had a collaboration with graham and brown to create my very own studio mural and now I spend my days creating pieces of art and interior items to bring a little joy to your homes.

 I’m ever so grateful to be able to do what I love every single day,

When I'm not faffing with interiors and painting for you lovely lot I enjoy travelling, spending too much of my money in Zara, sing songs alone in my car and being a mum to my 4 adorable although sometimes slightly feral children.

I hope you can see personality shine through in my work. Your home should be a place that feels just that...yours!

A place to showcase your personality and individual style.

Its a blank canvas ready to be painted, and Id love to help you create it!

All my love and gratitude for your continued support.

Katya xx