Hello, and thanks for loving my work enough to visit my page.

Here you will find a range of original artwork and home interior items that have all been painted by me all of my pieces are unique and there will never be another exactly the same, kind of special right?

I am a full time abstract artist with a passion for home interiors and a slight (ok huge) obsession with gold leaf and metallics.

I enjoy creating bold and colourful pieces with metallic accents so if that sounds like a bit of you then your in the right place!

I work largely on a commision bases so if you are looking for a personalised piece of artwork or you have fallen in love with a piece that’s already been sold please email me at @redbrickslifestyle@gmail.com or fill out my contact form on site and I will get back to you as soon as I can and work my arty magic.



if you are interested in commissioning a piece of artwork with me or have any other queries please get in touch.

Thanks for submitting!